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This 54-hour challenge is a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to gather and work together over the course of a weekend. Participants will pitch startup ideas to their peers if they wish to do so and then teams will be formed around the best of those ideas. Whether you're a developer, designer, marketer, project manager, or simply a startup enthusiast there will be a place for you.

Once the teams are formed, it’s time to get down to work because the clock is ticking. Over the next two days, local experts in the startup world will help mentor teams and motivational speakers will keep the energy high. Staying focused on making progress is critical, so every meal will be provided for.

On Sunday evening, each team will present how much progress they have made in front of a panel of expert judges and an audience that is open to the general public. Once all of the teams have finished their pitches, the judges will deliberate and then announce who has won the coveted title of Startup Challenge 2016 Grand Champion!

What to expect January 29-31:

5:30pm Friday Night: Friday night kickoff, Speaker: Shawn Kemp, dinner, idea creation, team formation, start moving forward with your idea. You are welcome to work as late as you want, heck, stay overnight if you inclined to.

All day Saturday: Time to make some solid progress, meet with mentors, interact with potential customers, pivot if needed, and then make even more progress. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

5pm Saturday Night: take a break from the hustle and come together for dinner, hear from our keynote speaker [speaker TBD], and then back to the grind

Sunday Morning: Take a quick break and refuel with some food and caffeine at breakfast. There are only a few hours left, so this is the home stretch. Tighten up your team’s pitch so that you can impress the judges and prepare for being put on the spot when they throw tough questions your way.

4pm Sunday: Gather for the final event. Each team will take their turn to pitch and then answer any questions put to them. By the end of the evening, only one team will walk away with the title of Startup Challenge 2016 Grand Champion.

As a participant, your $99 ticket includes:
  • 54-hours of unparalleled access to mentors throughout the weekend
  • 7 complimentary meals and beverages
  • 2016 Startup Challenge T-shirt
  • chance to build skillsets with hands on application and coaching from highly experienced mentors
  • network with other participants with the same drive to develop successful businesses
  • 24/7 access to the venue, 3D Printers, and a professional photo studio
  • chance to win the Grand Champion trophy

*** Full-time students may use the promotional code, "student" to receive 30% off of any participant ticket. A valid student ID will be required at check-in on Friday night.

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